Replacement Windows


We are pleased to offer you a wide range of options on windows  – all installed to a high standard and certified to comply fully with building regulations.


Initial meeting


The first, and probably the most important step of the process, is for us to meet with you to discuss your options. There are two critical factors that will determine which windows to invest in. These are: 

 1. The character of your home and the suitability of timber, aluminium or pvcu windows. 

In some areas, it would be almost sacrilegious to install pvcu windows, while in other areas, installing timber windows would be an over-investment and would sometimes even decrease the value of the property. So, it is vital to evaluate importances here. After all, your choice can make a huge difference to the look and character of your home.  

 2. Your budget and/or affordability

The material of which your windows are made can affect the price of the project by as much 300 to 400%. Taking this into account and balancing it out with the effect that your windows purchase will have on the value of your most valuable possession, your home, is again a vital part of the whole process. 


We’ve been involved in the window industry for many years, and we are well qualified to guide you through this process so that you make the right choice. Also, we want to impress upon you the fact that we are not biased as regards to any building material – our prime concern being that you make the right decision as regards to the above two points (the character of your home and your project budget).  

Having helped you to choose your products, we will then be involved in the design, manufacture, installation of the products to the highest possible standard as well as administrating the project effectively and efficiently – finally all certified under a Building Regulations body called Assure (similar to FENSA).  

 Listed here are some of the options we may suggest: 

Wooden Casement Windows

Our bespoke casement windows and frames are constructed to exact specifications and any special requirements can also be replicated using our state of the art high-tech machinery. New frames and casement windows leave the workshop fully primed and painted with three coats of micro-porous acrylic paint – and this is before any work is carried out on site. Once the fitting has commenced, a full draught-proofing system is then incorporated into the new frame and windows as required.

Wooden Sash Windows

If you’d like to re-instate the classic look of a period home and add value to the property then our wooden sash windows offer the perfect opportunity to do so. Take advantage of the latest developments in window security and also enjoy our 10 year warranty for added piece of mind. All of our new sash windows and box frames are built to order and are surveyed and installed by our own specialists and all fully guaranteed.


Accoya Windows

The leading high technology – low maintenance natural wood with a level of durability that is ideal for windows. Sustainably sourced and specially treated using a non-toxic process, the wood used in Accoya windows and doors is less likely to shrink, swell or warp, putting an end to doors and windows that jam for parts of the year.